Alfredo Gargaro

Alfredo Gargaro – The Breath Of Fire



5/9/20222 min read

Artist: Alfredo Gargaro

Title: The Breath Of Fire

Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Label: Wanikiya Records

Release Date: 2021




Alfredo Gargaro: Guitar

Special Guests:

Frank Marino: Voice in track 2

Franco Sgattoni: Voice in track 4

Hekàte: Voice in the song 6

Gianluca Mastrangelo: Voice in track 8

Andrea Ciccomartino: Voice in the song 9


  1. The Breath Of Fire

  2. Second Choice

  3. Another Live

  4. Screaming Angel

  5. Funky Universe

  6. Neverending Game

  7. First Impact

  8. Devil Inside

  9. The Trap Of Your Smile

  10. Heart And Chill

The Breath Of Fire, second solo album for the polyhedric Italian guitarist Alfredo Gargaro, a name well known in the heavy metal scene both for his militancy in Exiled On Earth and as a guitarist turnist in Rosae Crucis and, who in 2016 released the highly regarded solo album Various. The Breath of Fire is probably the right continuation of Various,in which different musical genres are interpreted and available to various singers from the Roman underground music scene.

This new album contains ten tracks that alternate between instrumental and sung pieces and features high calibre guests such as Franco Sgattoni, Frank Marino, Andrea Ciccomartino, Kate Sale and Gianluca Mastrangelo Maracas. The peculiarity of Alfredo and therefore of the album is a technical musical baggage that passes with ease from the instrumental title track in the opening, between sharp riffs and full-bodied solos, an energetic and vibrant piece that can be played with a lot of emotion.'Another Life' is an instrumental ballad, the guitar softens and becomes more intense towards a pleasantness that, like all rock and metal songs, embrace the acclaim even outside the genre. The following 'Screaming Angel' takes us back to frenetic rhythms with a decidedly power imprint with the voice of Franco Sgattoni (Battle Ram), in an exploding metal.The "Funky Universe" groove is an energy diffuser with melodic and soulful phrasing. Heart And Chills is an instrumental song with more pathos, very exciting, vibrant modulations; more prog the following Neverending Game that the female voice of Hekate interprets in a really powerful way.while the voice of Gianluca Mastrangelo (De La Muerte) drags us into an enthralling hard rock with Devil Inside, as well as the vocalizations of Andrea Ciccomartino (Graal) in The Trap Of Your Smile in a progressive hard rock.

The Breath of Fire is the result of his guitar experiences of a life dedicated to music with collaborations and live performances; is a continuous musical research, distortions and knowing Alfredo I would add that the personal touch is certainly the result of his experiences but above all for the refinement of a sound that involves himself in primis.
Good album in which his firmly style is always present.

Valeria Campagnale