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Ancient Settlers - Our Last Eclipse Review by Valeria Campagnale



3/30/20223 min read

Band: Ancient Settlers
Title: Our Last Eclipse
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Crusader Records
Release Date: April 1st 2022



1. Into the Depths I Ride
2. Cast in Gold
3. Our Last Eclipse
4. Jotnar Magick
5. Library of Tears
6. Silent December
7. Memories
8. The Black Rainbow
9. Peregrination

Carlos Chiesa-Estomba - Guitar
Herman Riera -Drums
Rene González - Keywords
Antony Hämäläinen - Voice
Miguel Herrera - Bass
Emmy Reyes - Guitar

Ancient Settlers, active since 2020 with one EP under their belt, are set to release their first album "Our Last Eclipse" on April 1 via Crusader Records, containing ten tracks of melodeath, modern, metal and featuring Fredrik Nordström on production. Ancient Settlers were founded by Carlos Chiesa-Estomba and Herman Riera (Ex- Haboryn), Rene González (Ex- Aesthesis), Emmy Reyes (Blackbeer, Ex- Gamalyel), and Antony Hämäläinen (Meridian Dawn, Ex- Nightrage & Armageddon), a sort of super death metal band.
I hardly review an album in less than two days but really this album is so intriguing and I must admit that "Our Last Eclipse" intrigued me from the very beginning by the artwork that exudes transcendentality about being, consciousness and awareness and starting to listen to the first track "Into the Depths I Ride", I guessed that it would be a different album from many others from a genre now saturated with ideas and offers. "Into the Depths I Ride" is literally an explosion with energetic drums and fast riffing guitar, clean vocals contrasting with backing vocals that vaguely remind me of a grunge reference, possibly? Even the chorus is catchy with a melodic addition thanks to the use of synths. The next 'Cast in Gold' is in the same vein, continuing sharp and fast, another good track that supports what is the backbone of the album, between roaring riffs and chunky rhythm. The title track "Our Last Eclipse" is a great track, very emotional and exuding anguish, it accompanies us through the virtuosity of the rhythm line, fantastic drums by Herman Riera as well as Miguel Herrera's bass, coldness and anguish in music lifted in part by the guitars; also in this piece Rene González's skill on keyboards is remarkable, mutable.
"Jotnar Magick" is energetic, the drums always in the forefront flanked by guitar melodies in which Emmy Reyes is really good, let's face it, and Carlos Chiesa-Estomba who in addition to the guitar is the voice of Ancient Settlers has that appeal that fits perfectly both in the sound and in the mood of this album. If "Jotnar Magick" has a light and catchy atmosphere, the following track "Library of Tears" has an epic flavour with strong vocals and choruses that intertwine with the interesting sound of the synth, always clear and precise, vibrant guitars and penetrating rhythm. Intro in full eighties style with synths in "Silent December" until it goes back to a more aggressive sound with a clear change given by guitars and drums, between heavy sounds and more melodic parts, the spoken word alternating with growling gives the track a particular edge. "Memories" is the track you don't expect, more catchy but with a punk feel, fast and with a great solo, while in "The Black Rainbow" the melody comes back but always with a groove feel that is convincing, beautiful bass parts in this track. The interesting "Peregrination", closes this intense album, even here Ancient Settlers could not have chosen a better song, nice grip and with an ending in the final as there is a synth and guitar outro to determine the ending of "Our Last Eclipse. ". I like this album, well structured, well played and with the right inspiration between deep themes and sci-fi, intimate moments and other brighter moments while remaining in a sort of dark limbo.

Valeria Campagnale

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