Battering Ram release single and video "Too Late"

Swedish hard rockers Battering Ram have just released the single and official video for the new song "Too Late".



4/18/20221 min read

Photo by Johan Thunberg

Swedish hard rockers BATTERING RAM have just released the single and official video for the new song "Too Late". A ridiculous quantity of killer singles have been released by the Filipstad quartet over the last few months, so by now we’re all kind of expecting the fillers to come up. However, “Too Late” will leave us waiting even more for a half-baked song from the band. The new single is a song that goes straight to business, with a killer riff, the usual sharp production and a gigantic hook in the chorus. There’s no doubt Battering Ram will take the “all killers, no fillers” saying very seriously in their upcoming studio album, to be released this year.

Check out the digital single "Too Late" or the lyric video of the song in UPRISING! Records Youtube.


Battering Ram comes from a small Swedish mining town - Filipstad. A place you never heard of, a place you’ve never been to and a place you most likely will never visit. Up there north, in the Scandinavian woods, man is still man, life is still easy, and souls are still free. Up there music still rock. Hard. Hard as a rock.

The new Battering Ram album will be released by UPRISING! Records in 2022.


Tony Trust - drums

Joakim “Jocke” Ståhl - bass

Jonas Edmark - guitars

Johan Hallström - vocals

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