Boston-bred progressive, symphonic metal band WILDERUN have released the third single from their upcoming studio album, ‘Epigone’

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12/5/20211 min read

WILDERUN have released the third single from their upcoming studio album, ‘Epigone’. The new single is a radio edit of the track “Identifier” , and is accompanied by a performance video from the band. ‘Epigone’ will see a January 7th, 2022 release via Century Media.

Speaking on their new single, the band shares:

"It didn't take us long to know we wanted to release this song as a single. With ‘Identifier’ we wanted to find a way to weave classic Wilderun orchestrations with newly discovered synths and sound design, while simultaneously rejuvenating our use of folk instrumentation all in one song. We took a deep dive into our own experiences as a band and resurfaced with a new perspective that's both daunting and invigorating."

Epigone Tracklisting:

  1. Exhaler

  2. Woolgatherer

  3. Passenger

  4. Identifier

  5. Ambition

  6. Distraction I

  7. Distraction II

  8. Distraction III

  9. Distraction Nulla

  10. Everything In Its Right Place

(Bonus – only on CD & digital)

Exhaler (Synth Mix – Bonus – only digital)

Pre-orders are available for Epigone HERE


With Epigone, Boston-bred aural imaginauts WILDERUN take a deeper and darker step beyond their expansive, prog-leaning metal scores that so skillfully came together on 2019’s Veil of Imagination. The result is a record that is at once grandiose, complex, sophisticated, and unexpectedly human. “This is certainly a “meta” record for me,” states guitarist and vocalist Evan Berry. “It’s the record that has the most to do with the artistic process.” Indeed, the nine-track-long offering: beginning with the haunting acoustic prelude, “Exhaler” and ending with a twenty-minute, four-part epic composition, “Distraction I-IV”, Epigone is nothing short of a journey into expression and ambition. It has all the earmarks that have made WILDERUN a revelation unto themselves.