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Band: Bullet-Proof
Title: Cell XIX
Genre: Thrash Metal
Sleaszy Rider Records
Release Date:


01. Endovena
02. Brainocide
03. When Truth And Trust Collapsed
04. Paralyzed
05. No Future
06. Cell XIX
07. Cold Sigh
08. Undeniable Decline
09. Perfectly Divided People
10. Perception Of Reality
11. All I Want (The Offspring cover)

The band Bullet Proof returns with their third album entitled "Cell XIX", after "De-Generation" (2015), "Forsaken One" (2017) and a line-up change; an album that remains faithful to the band's thrash roots, those we learned to appreciate already from the first album, with the addition of melodic sounds that undoubtedly increase both the level of maturity of the band itself, and the compositional level, creating a more complex work. Tight songwriting with solid vocal lines and riffs that echo the sounds of the successful thrash old school.
The catchy but effective "Brainocide" is one of the best tracks with a good hook and excellent guitars, as well as "Paralyzed" and "Cold Sigh", with very marked Judas Priest references, while the song "No Future"" strikes for its dark atmosphere.
Also very interesting are "Cold Sigh", "Undeniable Decline" and "Perfectly Divided People".
It's a pity that the production is to the detriment of the sound of the drums, but apart from this, it's a good thrash metal record that sees again the Bullet-Proof band full of energy and motivation, even presenting the cover of The Offspring's "All I Want", definitely with much heavier tones.

Valeria Campagnale

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