BURIED REALM Release Melodic Single “Poison Palace” Ft. Christian Münzner (Obscura) and Heikki Saari (Finntroll)

Colorado’s Buried Realm has a third album coming out, and like its two predecessors, it is chock full of heavy riffs, whiplash-inducing drums, and solos performed by a multitude of talented guests from around the world.



5/5/20222 min read

Colorado's Buried Realm have a third album out, and like its two predecessors, it's chock full of heavy riffs, whiplash-inducing drums and solos performed by a multitude of talented guests from around the world. The latter, self-produced, has a third single titled 'Poison Palace', which features furious guitar work from Obscura's Christian Münzner and drums from Heikki Saari (Finntroll). The man behind the project, Josh Dummer explains the track:

"It's Buried Realm's most abrasive and intense song. Lyrically, it's about people becoming chemically dependent, believing that there is no other cure for their ailments. Ultimately driving people to the point of mind-destroying insanity".

It's appropriate that Münzner handles the guitar on this track, it's a violent display of adrenaline and devastatingly heavy solos. Throughout the rest of the album, guests include musicians such as Dan Swanö and Christopher Amott (Dark Tranquillity, ex-Arch Enemy).

"Poison Palace" can be previewed on MetalInjection HERE.

Buried Realm started with Dummer wanting to release a solo album, he worked with a plethora of distinguished musicians to create it, with a great response from the media. With the exception of guests, he composes everything and intends to continue writing and releasing albums on a regular basis for as long as he can.

Technical and ferocious, "Buried Realm" is recommended for fans of Scar Symmetry, Children of Bodom and Nevermore.

The self-titled album will be available on June 3, 2022.

Digital Pre-save - https://linktr.ee/buriedrealm

Lyric Video - Spectral Light - https://youtu.be/HCMQd5dirTE

Lyric Video - Quicksand Memory ft. Christopher Amott (Dark Tranquillity, ex-Arch Enemy) - https://youtu.be/pVHVv3n2GYU

Track Listing:​

1. Entrance (2:00)

2. Spectral Light (5:00)

3. Poison Palace (5:11)

4. The Iron Flame (4:46)

5. Witch Bones (3:43)

6. Where the Armless Phantoms Glide (4:01)

7. Elder Gods (4:17)

8. Quicksand Memory (5:37)

9. He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask) (Alice Cooper cover) (3:53)

Album Length: 38:23

Album Recording Credits:​

- All songs performed by: Josh Dummer

- All songs written by: Josh Dummer

- Produced by: Josh Dummer

- Mixed by: Ronnie Björnström

- Mastered by: Ronnie Björnström

- Album Artwork by: Pär Olofsson

​Album Band Line Up:​

- Josh Dummer - All instruments and vocals

- Heikki Saari - Drums

Guest Performances:

- Bob Katsionis (Witch Bones)

- Christian Münzner (Poison Palace)

- Christofer Malmström (Elder Gods)

- Christopher Amott (The Iron Flame/ Quicksand Memory)

- Dan Swanö (Where the Armless Phantoms Glide)

- Dean Arnold (Spectral Light, Primalfrost)

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