Burntfield's acclaimed melodic prog masterpiece Impermanence out on vinyl


6/27/20221 min read

In mid-November last year Progressive Gears Records unveiled the stunning second album from Burntfield - Impermanence. A perfectly formed collection of melodic, progressive rock songs imbued with a remarkable depth of emotion, enfolded in an atmosphere of gentle melancholy and delivered with a refreshing honesty and integrity. The critical acclaim for the album was resounding, with Metal Temple branding it 'outstanding' and commenting:"It left me to contemplate many things…some things that I honestly don’t have an answer for. This is the impact great music can have on you. Let Impermanence whisk you away from your working blues, and every other problem in your life, and ponder bigger pictures of what could have been, and what could be..."Metal Temple were not alone in their enthusiasm for Impermanence with the album ending up on several Best Album of 2021 lists, including Rock Tribune, World Of Metal, Get Ready To Rock and MLWZ.It was always Progressive Gears intent to release Impermanence on vinyl, alongside the CD and digital formats, but a worldwide shortage of materials and huge manufacturing delays derailed these plans. However, now things are back on track and the deluxe vinyl of Impermanence is at last available, with the label declaring them "ready for immediate shipment!"Available on 140g vinyl, in eco friendly packaging with insert - pick up your vinyl copy of one of the greatest examples of modern, melodic progressive rock right here:https://progressivegears.bandcamp.com/album/impermanence


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