Recensione a cura di Alex Montenegro



3/6/20222 min read

CODERED is a technical death metal band formed in ROMANIA. The band was formed in 2004. In the same way than my last review I’m very impressed by Death metal bands that I found in the last months. I want to congratulate the effort and the production put on this album. It is very well equalized, so you will listen and enjoy the album.

“At His Appearance Dark Red” is the first track that opens the album, the song is amazing, even I’m very impressed because It sounds like Black Sabbath making death metal. Unbelieve!!!

“Symptoms of General Decay” is the next track, the song has a powerful riff which reminds me a lot the early years of Morbid Angel. I like the technique of every musician in this song. Simply, Very well done

“Way of Nibiru”, in this song the soul of Black Sabbath is present again, this band has amazing tricks.

The next songs “Crowd Control” and “Neutron Collision” are an arsenal of songs that will blow your mind, even sometimes I remember another bands like Slayer and Megadeth in technical works like Rust in Peace or The South of Hell (Obviously if they played Death metal). I want to put emphasis in “Neutron Collision”, It’s very amazing how the band put a bass solo in that song, even it reminds me a lot of the musical tricks that DEATH used to play. FANTASTIC!!!

“Above Desolation” is another song that show us the great level of the band, a catchy rhythm merged with blastbeats make one of the best songs of the album.

“The Sixth Sun” and “The burning wrath” are the savages tracks of the album. I can’t describe the final track because they are masterpieces, put attention in the voice of Andrei Calmuc

Ok, musically CODERED sounds like a mix between the soul of BLACK SABBATH and DEICIDE mixed with DEATH and MORBID ANGEL. All these influences in a perfect equilibrium.

In short, it’s a great debut for the band, if you like Death Technical metal it’s your album, and It’s a very great band to follow in the future. So, don’t miss their track.

Line Up:

Andrei Calmuc - vocals & guitars

Armand Niculescu - guitars

Ioan "John" Campian - bass

Septimiu Harsan - drums