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Band: Communion of Souls
Title: Concept of Illusion
Genre: Hard Rock /Heavy Metal
Label: Rocktower Records
Release Date: 28th May 2021


1 Hymn of pride
2 Master of Disaster
3 Abyss
4 End of the world
5 Mindless Mind
6 Lord of the lies
7 Time has come
8 Remember
9 Concept of Illusion

Knut Pram - Guitars
Karl Olav Nordengen – Guitars & acoustic guitar
Torbjørn Dybsand, - Drums, percussion
Johannes Hulleberg - Vocals
Vidar Tyriberget - Bass Guitar

"Concept Of Illusion", third full-length album for the Norwegian band Communion of Souls, formed in 2012, since the first self-titled album, we find a maturation both in sound and in production, always proposing a canonical and classic Heavy Metal intertwined with Classic Rock that always pleases so much.
The album starts in the most seventies way possible, with the wah-wah guitar pedal in "Hymn of prider" in which the band offers a melodic metal with prog overtones intertwined with blues references; a song that is hard to resist, both for the involvement with a good groove and good rhythm line, and for the execution of the piece.
"Abyss", first single extracted, shows the more eighties side with its galloping and beautiful solos by Karl Olav Nordengen, while Johannes Hulleberg accentuates his vocals in this track that manages to capture. "End Of The World", a little more speed metal but still maintaining the basic stylistic line of the Communion of Souls project, that is, a metal full of melody and well rooted in the classic, Vidar Tyriberget's bass is really good and manages to support Torbjørn Dybsand's drums, the backbone of this piece, another track that manages to fully convince.
Let's move on to the beautiful "Mindless Mind", one of the genuine metal sound also in this track Karl Olav gives us great solos, we can feel the passion of the band made sound; with "Time has come" and "Concept of Illusion", it's one of the stunning tracks of "Concept of Illusion" album.
The following track 'Lord of the Lies' is also well composed and performed, once again echoing the band's roots in a straightforward and honest song with no frills, where guitar virtuosity re-emerges. Johannes' vocals continue to give us excitement, "Time has come" is a good piece of heavy rock where some 70's influenced sounds are mixed with a more ruffian 80's echo, exactly one of those tracks to go wild with during a live session, absolutely brilliant.
"Rember" is a fitting continuation of the previous track, yet from the title I would have expected a semi-ballad, evidently Communion of Souls doesn't subside and continues undaunted with raw and gritty sound as I like it.
To close in an almost epic way comes "Concept of Illusion", another biting price, slightly softer while always maintaining a purely metal soul; here too we find splendid solos and very pressing rhythmics for one that, between moments of speed and others more inclined to melodic pieces, manages to create a unique atmosphere.

Summarizing this album, I could use three adjectives, passionate, genuine and fresh, another good work by Communion of Souls for all heavy metal souls.

Valeria Campagnale

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