Contaminated: New album "NIHILVM" out now

Contaminated: New album "NIHILVM" out now



3/26/20221 min read

It has been 4 years since the last release from Contaminated: now they are back with the brand-new album NIHILVM coming out on TODAY through Massive Sound Recordings!
The new release contains 10 powerful and explosive tracks, made in the best traditions of old-school Swedish Melodic Death Metal! Hooking guitar riffs with great solos, a powerful tandem of bass and drums mixed with excellent vocals will not leave any fans of true old-school melodic death unsatisfied.

Discover for yourself the new horizons of reincarnation through the nihilistic prism of the new album NIHILVM!



Ukrainian death metal brigade CONTAMINATED was founded in 2007. The band released 3 albums and 2 EPs. The early stuff is devastating deathgrind, but starting from 2017 the band chose to go the way of old-school melodic death metal in veins of the Swedish style (Gothenburg school). The combination of powerful riffs, solos & hooking drum sections gives the old-school a new life!

The main lineup:
RaWar - Vocals
Dimitriy - Guitars