Cradle of Haze

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3/6/20221 min read

Cradle of Haze is a German duo that follows the line of gothic rock, under the influences of classic bands like Sisters of Mercy, New Model Army, but also adding musical references like Rammstein. The result is a very interesting mix of weight moments, where they flirt with heavy metal and others where gothic influence gets more in evidence. The band is practically an one man project, once Thorsten Setshausen composes, sings and it play all the instruments. Anni Meier completes the band, doing the backing vocals.

The band was inactive for 04 years and returned with the album "Sirenen", released in September 2017, containing 14 songs. The production of the album is excellent with very good quality record, all the instruments sounds clear and providing a perfect hearing of the album.

The compositions of Elijahausen are very well built and the arrangements captivating, with good melodies. The option of singing in German makes it difficult for the listener to interpret the lyrics. With the songs in English would certainly open up more options for Cradle of Haze which has a great music.

The album opens with "Kinder der Nacht" and we can note the mix of styles that the Cradle of Haze proposes, where the guitar riff rules the rhythm of the music. "Alphatier" keep the punch with strong chorus. "Kein Ideal" begins on the acoustic guitar and vocal reminds me Andrew Eletrich on "Mariah". Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the album.

"Sirene", the title track, is dense and has a strong keyboard theme, where the beautiful voice of Anni Meier appears giving beauty to the song. The voice of Meier could be used more often, because when it appears the result is always exuberant, as in "Ohne dich". "Kellerspiele" reminds me New Model Army with more weight in the chorus. Really great song. The last song is the melancholy and dense "Hannahs Song". The music is growing to blow up on the beautiful guitar solo of Marc Vanderberg.

"Sirenen" it's a really good work to gothic rock fans.


Cradle of Haze is a German duo that follows the line of gothic rock, under the influences of classic