CRASHDÏET, the new video Together Whatever

CRASHDÏET, New music video out, pre-order Automaton now



4/4/20221 min read

To celebrate the pre-sale of ‘Automaton‘, the Swedish Glam Sleaze band Crashdïet have released their new the new single and video, ‘Together Whatever‘, available now on all digital platforms.

Watch it below:


AUTOMATON is now available for pre-order on our site. Probably on other sites too, still waiting for news on that. As you probably already know though, we ship worldwide so there really isn't a good reason to buy the album anywhere else anyways, right ;).

There's no vinyl there yet,
it isn't scheduled for release until September.

AUTOMATON is available on cassette and MiniDisc though

Track List for Automaton:
01. Automation
02. Together Whatever
03. Shine On
04. No Man’s Land
05. Darker Minds
06. Dead Crusade
07. Powerline (feat. Michael Starr)
08. Resurrection of The Damned
09. We Die Hard
10. Shell Shock
11. Unbroken
12. I Can’t Move On (Without You)