Dead Shape Figure

Recensione a cura di Alex Montenegro



3/6/2022 1 min read

Heavy, elegant and groovy. I've chosen these words to define Dead Shape Figure's album called "Cacoëthes". Dead Shape Figure is a Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band which began to work since 2003. Now, they are promoting their new album Cacoëthes. Cacoëthes in my opinion is a great album that contains amazing riffs which remind us bands like Mastodon, Lamb of God or Machine Head, but with its own essence.

The intro opens the album in a great way, very inspired by symphonic, but it works like a little trick which catch our attention, because the next song “The Last Of The Bearing Beats” attacks like an explosion. The first hook at the beginning connected with the choruses and the work of guitars by Juhani Flinck and Niki Jurmu made an awesome track, even with gothic touches.

“Switchblade Storm” and “Bolt of Chaos and Creation” show a mix between groove and thrash metal riffs well combined. My surprise was “Bolt of Chaos and Creation” because you can listen clean moments, combined with growls. Pay attention on this track.

“Liberticide” is another song wich contains clean and dark moments well merged with gothic sounds, sometimes I remember the album CRACK THE SKYE by MASTODON. The time changes and variations are awesome!!! Probably my favourite track of the album.

“Strange Light Pulsate” is a great track, a mix between NWOBHM metal bands like JAGUAR with blast beats and syncopate riffs, its amazing chorus is memorable. “In no Esteem” and “Fort he Sullen Souls” are pure metal, from the riffs, to the rhythm and the voice. The best way to finish a good álbum.

In short, A great album which combines great elements of metal with finnish essence. In the golden years of Djent metal is very good to find greatest albums which preserve the good riffs and spirit of metal.