Deathgrinders Haut&Court unleashed crushing new single "Relentless Humanity".

New album 'COLLAPSE' to be released on November 10 and CD/Tape & Digital through No Good To Anyone and Duality Records.


9/20/20221 min read

Brace yourself : about 3 years after the release of the insane 'INEFFABILIS', French agressive deathgrinders Haut&Court are back with a brand new full-length effort, celebrating their 10 years of existence.

This new album, called 'COLLAPSE' will be released on November 10th and CD, Tape & Digital formats through No Good To Anyone (Wheelfall, etc.) & Duality Records , but in the meantime, the band just unveiled a first excerpt from the effort with the crushing "Relentless Humanity", available right now on Bandcamp.

In other news, physical pre-orders for the album are opened now through No Good To Anyone label.

Stream the single "Relentless Humanity" on Bandcamp:

...Official statement from No Good To Anyone label...

"Relentless Humility" is the first track off the album "Collapse", the new album by deathgrinders Haut&Court. from Strasbourg, France.

This one is relentless as the title stated, and begins with a powerviolence riff that will keep no one safe in the moshpit for sure. And then comes what makes Haut&Court a band apart the others: a mid-tempo death metal madness part that conclude the track.

For fans of Nasum, Nails, Wormrot, Magrudergrind, Trap Them...

Pre-order the album on physical edition: