Dianadea was founded by Lord Yshua in 2018 with the aim of combining native/folk themes with a music that blends a shamanic/folk base with experimental elements such as synth, drone, trance, psychedelia.
The first work, RADICI, did not have any kind of promotion or sharing so it is not particularly well known or widespread.

In 2019 is released the concept SANTA DJANARA, work that is based entirely on the local figure of the Janara, in particular through the study of Piperno's "del superstizioso noce" and very specific traditions and folklore that show the figure, often demonized, in many facets.

The work includes folk instruments (shaman drums, stones, cymbals, castanets...) as well as synths and multiform vocals, accompanied exclusively by the bass.
In the same year Dianadea released IN NOMINE DEI NOSTRI, a work divided into several sections, including one exclusively of singing ancient Orphic hymns to various deities, one dedicated to Leland's Gospel of the Witch and another of traditional songs.

The work is marked by a very simple production, almost exclusively shaman drum and vocals.
Dianadea also adds to its own production several releases created live based on ancient texts, such as LA DISCESA DI INANNA INFERA, based on the Nippur tables, INNI AD HEKATE but also, in local dialect, folkloric traits without ever detaching it from a certain electronic experimentation, but basing it entirely on shaman drum and vocal loops based on shamanic tradition.

In 2020 Dianadea took part in the project O SARAI RIBELLE O NON SARAI, a project involving over 100 bands, with a song based on a controversial poem by Boudelaire, with a minimal, acoustic-only piece.
There is no lack of vocal experiments of different kinds or recitations of particular local stories, with DIANADEA being not only a strictly musical project but also a wide-ranging one, without wanting to be "tied" to an exclusive genre. PORTA INFERI is currently being worked on, the work is based entirely on the local figure of the goddess MEPHITE, starting from the PORTA INFERI celebrated by Virgil in one of his poems.

PORTA INFERI, due to its dark, complex, multicoloured themes, bases its composition exclusively on the hyper distorted electric bass, understood as the need to express a magmatic, compressed, barely intelligible sound, like a Mephite.

The work is based on ancient texts (from Virgil to Pliny) and on specific local traditions and real historical events that have come together.
They therefore look at the indigitamenta of the goddess, the decline of her cult by Christianity with the demolition of the temple, the tradition of animal sacrifice, in this case by sending the animal to the Mephitis on the occasion of the grain festival, its connection with the myth of Hades/Kore, local folklore such as saying "Alza Caronte" at that place or the presence of treasures there, given by demons in exchange for the soul and, also, a poem written by a local priestess of the relevant goddess.




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PORTA INFERI (teaser of new album of Dianadea) - YouTube (Teaser of the song PORTA INFERI -homony CD)
DIANADEA - DISCESA DI INANNA INFERA( ritual shaman) -atto 1- - YouTube (mini live with shaman drum,sinth and drone based on Nippur tables)
DIANADEA- La via del grano e Diana ( irpinian shaman music) - YouTube (short live based on shaman drum and synth, on local customs)