Dianadea, the new video for "Oscura Mefite wood version".

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1/18/20221 min read

Raw Shaman band Dianadea release the video for the song "Oscura Mefite" in a new version from the one already contained in the album "Porta Inferi", it is in fact a Raw version with which the band has developed a more intimate and cryptic sound, a 'wood version', precisely.

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Dianadea's statement follows:
"I wanted to 'close the circle' with the work PORTA INFERI, on a cold morning of a new moon. A moon that is absolutely in line with the musical/esoteric path we have developed. A return to the woods and a totally RAW expression of the original Song on PORTA INFERI. A writing by a priestess of the goddess in question. (lyrics by Antonella della Morte)
Thanks to those who have supported and are supporting the project."

Copies of the CD "Porta Inferi" are still available and can be ordered at: marco7938@gmail.com

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