DICK VON ROCK release new single 'Dick Von Rock' on 7th February



1/22/20221 min read

Dick Von Rock’ is the high energy in your face and your ears debut song from American rock n rollers known as DICK VON ROCK founded by Erik Turner (Warrant) and Skyla Talon (Producer/Musician).

Mixing up punk and metal musical elements with tickle your fancy bombastic anthem style gang vocals, this song is designed to rock your socks off and annoy the hell out of your neighbours! DICK VON ROCK is here to save your soul with rock n roll! Crank it up, we double dog dare you! 
‘Dick Von Rock’ will be released digitally via Riot Records on 7th February.

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Dick Von Rock, starting and finishing as strictly a studio project, was born on the stroke of midnight, a red headed loud mouthed stepchild…its punk rock parents were Erik Turner (Warrant) and Skyla Talon (producer/musician) who started co-writing music together for DownBoysMusic.com in 2016 or so, it’s all quite blurry.

Shortly after getting a music request for punk rock songs, Dick Von Rock was unleashed and set free to wreak havoc in the recording studio. Erik and Skyla started writing more and more songs together for this freak of the week, because it was just so damn easy and fun creating music for this Dick Von Rock character.

Fast FORWARD to 2021 when Erik was talking to Golden Robot’s CEO Mark Alexander and out of that conversation Erik sent Mark the EP and the rest was punk rock vomit and history ha! Mark needed the world to hear DVR, mainly because it’s what the world needs right now, some in your face loud and proud punk, unapologetically humorous at times, rude and crude at other times, bipolar high energy music that may just steal your car, beer (or your wallet).


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