Dreamferno, the new single Obsolete Certes

Dreamferno reveals their heavy and massive side with the new single Obsolete Certes


9/12/20220 min read

Kuva: Antti Karppinen

Finnish melodic metal band Dreamferno was founded 2007-2008 in Savonian town of Juva. They released their debut album Equilibrium in 2014 and after that Solitude Remains -EP in 2016. After the EP the band has released some single releases from witch Cosmic Debris track was hidden to a radio on Remedy Entertainment's game Control.

Currently Dreamferno is working on a double album with Krzysztof Dobosiewicz composing the orchestrations to the album.

Obsolete Certes reveals the heavy and massive side of the band. The lyrics are about oppression and people living under it.

Listen to the single: https://push.fm/fl/dreamferno-obsoletecertes



Vocals: Enni Rautiainen & Samuli Rimmi

Guitar & Keyboards: Samuli Rimmi

Orchestration: Krzysztof Dobosiewicz

Guitar: Tuomas Uuksulainen

Bass: Juha Pärnänen

Drums: Teemu Karppinen

Mixing and mastering: Samuli Rimmi