ERUPTION, "Aegeon's Wrath" digital single out 20th May 2022

The new single opens the curtain for the incredible evolution that Eruption will bring on their next record, to be released this year via From The Vaults.



5/10/20221 min read

Welcome to ERUPTION fourth chapter. The Slovenian thrash/heavy metal band starts paving the way for their fourth studio album with a tight, first digital single titled “Aegeon’s Wrath”. It opens the curtain for the incredible musical evolution that Eruption will bring on their next record, to be released this year via From The Vaults.

Poseidon rise your trident and shake the realms of men,awaken the frozen titan, let Phorcys swallow the dead!

Formed in late 2004, Eruption is a thrash metal band from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Throughout the years, the band has always kept fast, guitar-based and infectiously melodic metal as their mission statement, culminating in the releases of “Lifeless Paradise” in 2009, “Tenses Collide” in 2012, and “Cloaks of Oblivion” in 2017. All three full-lengths, accompanied by 2014's “Live Transmissions” EP, saw the band explore classic machine gun thrash riffing accompanied by the soaring melodic vocals and sci-fi musings of vocalist Klemen Kalin.

The energetic blend of influences allowed the band to present its music in a dynamic, furious stage show that saw Eruption share the stage with names such as Warbringer, Nuclear Assault, D.R.I, Iced Earth, perform on the main stage of festivals such as MetalDays and Underwall as well as garner excellent live responses from around Europe.

The band's fourth full-length effort, which will be released this year following the signing to From the Vaults, will see Eruption's sound expanding even further. Where “Cloaks of Oblivion” introduced strong US power metal influences, the new work will see a more technical approach and an overall darker, heavier atmosphere. In addition to their sound, Eruption are also seeking to expand their activities on the live front outside Slovenia in the years to come in order to bring their thrash whirlwind to a wider audience.

Eruption new album will be released in 2022 via From The Vaults.

Klemen Kalin: vocals
Gregor Lavtar: guitars
Gregor Kamenšek: guitars
Nika Krmelj: bass guitars
Ivan Cepanec: drums