Exclusive pre-listening of new THEODICY (death) studio album

1st July 2022 death metal band THEODICY will release “Torture of Industry”. Today at 8AM CET You can exclusively pre-listen to the whole album!


6/29/20222 min read

Theodicy is a German band which play death metal, with groove vibe and thrash metal elements. After releasing “Cost of War” (2012) and “I Am War” (2017) they are going to put out third studio album titled “Torture of Industry”. Date of release is set up on 1st July 2022. Pre-order is available at their Bandcamp profile. Music was mixed by band member - Patrick at Neiße Rauschen Studio. Album was mastered by Jürgen Lusky who cooperated with such bands as Angra, Crematory and Pink Cream 69. Cover artwork and whole layout design was done by Milan (bassist of Theodicy).

Today with mighty Death Metal Promotion we invite You for pre-listening of new THEODICY album .

Commentary from the band: “When a local metal scene is as annoyingly tiny as in the Lower Silesian Oberlausitz district on the border of Saxony, Brandenburg and Poland, it's hard for a band to come together. For many years the band Theodicy stews in its own juice, every line-up change sets back, one goes autodidactically odd ways, fights for one's passion against the odds of life. But the isolation in the metal diaspora also has a decisive advantage: you don't let yourself be distracted, you know exactly what you want. You fall - and get up again. Over the years, a band has grown together that, on the stubborn foundation of traditional death and thrash metal, transmits its thoughts directly into the marrow and bone of the listener in its very own melodic outgrowths. It is the birth of the Saxon warmetal: brutely unleashed and with seething chaos in the heart the band forms in the hour of decision to a precise, sophisticated and deadly surprising force. Theodicy knows how to effectively block trendy diversionary maneuvers, but also knows no fear of contact: In order to implement the concept of an all-encompassing preoccupation with the subject of war in a consistency that is so far new in the scene, samples of machine gun fire, cannon thunder or pistol shots are integrated into the drum grooves. Pushing bass, massive riff walls and insistently drilling guitar leads keep an amazing balance between infernal frenzy outbursts of the 90s death metal tradition, groove and the distinctive siren melody thunderstorm of the 80s thrash, whereby Theodicy effortlessly succeeds in making this apocalyptic mix sound so direct and compelling as if its ingredients had just been invented”.

Watch video to the song “Hateful World” which consists scenes from "The Great Martian War" (2013) and "Battlefield I" gameplay.


01. Comment & Conquer

02. From Alive to Skeleton

03. The Truth

04. Raise the White Flag

05. Abscess Human

06. Torture of Industry

07. Rapture

08. Last Strike

09. Resource Desire

10. Hateful World

11. Bread and Circuses

12. Godeater