"Resurgence" lives up to this legendary band's forty-year career back on the crest of the wave. Welcome back Flames!


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Band: Flames
Title: Resurgence

Genre: Thrash Metal

Label: No Remorse Records

Release date: 1st July 2022




1. Keeper Of The Burning Flame

2. Resurgence

3. Crawl Beyond

4. Rotten Life

5. Murder Taste

6. War In Mind

7. The Crib

8. Mercy Denied

9. Shell Shocked (Western Front)

10. Yourself Unknown

11. H8red

12. Legend III (The Final War) (CD Bonus Track)


Andy Kirk - bass

Chris Kirk - guitars

Tom Trampouras - vocals

Nick Samios - drums

The Flames are a thrash metal band formed by Chris Kirk in 1984, many albums released, one of the most important bands in Greece, especially in the 80s, over the years the line-up has changed several times, but always with the Kirk brothers as the core.

The band's first studio albums, 'Made in Hell' and 'Merciless Slaughter', had an impact on the underground scene, with the band playing a mix of heavy and raw speed metal. With the album 'Summon the Dead' (1988), an era of great success began for the Flames. It was a new beginning, with new songs and a more aggressive sound in pure thrash metal. Flames' presence and albums were a key element in the promotion of the Greek metal scene around the world and, subsequently, many live thrash metal shows started to take place in Greece, including Kreator and Sodom, often with Flames as support band.

In 2022, the band returned with their seventh studio album, a record of pure old-school thrash metal, aggressive and technical. "Resurgence" has the best sound and production Flames has ever had with the old school thrash metal vibe in the modern scene.

The Kirk brothers are back with Thomas Trampouras on vocals and Nick "Yngve" Samios on drums for the Greek label No Remorse Records.

We start right away with "Keeper of the Burning Flame" which leaves without much bite but is striking while the title track "Resurgence" offers instead a piercing atmosphere with full-bodied thrash with excellent raging drums and highly functional furious guitars. "Crawl Beyond" has both typical thrash musicality and vocals with well-placed guitar solos on its side. "Rotten Life" is a dynamic track and definitely has the most bite with flashes of punk and incredible solos, "Murder Taste" follows the same line but without that crossover between thrash and punk but with good momentum, while in "War in Mind" you can hear, even if revisited, the old school of that 80s thrash we all appreciated. "The Crib" is another track that manages to fuse the old school with the modern, managing to be very interesting, nice guitars always at the forefront and the haunting rhythm. "Mercy Denied" and "Shell Shocked" are probably the best tracks, without taking anything away from the album's compositions, but they have such a catchy sound and an aggressive edge that they can't fail to fully engage, but the best comes with the last three tracks that are so highly thunderous that it's impossible not to love them, "Yourself Unknown", "H8red" and the bonus track "Legend III (The Final War)" featuring Kemerov's George Lezk on guitar solos.

"Resurgence" lives up to this legendary band's forty-year career back on the crest of the wave.

Welcome back Flames!

Valeria Campagnale

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