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Band: Frozen Tears
Title: Brazen Whisper
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock/AOR
Release Date: August 2021


01 – Brazen Whisper
02 – You
03 – Hold On Tight
04 – Love Can Be Real
05 – Set Me Free
06 – Can’t Stop
07 – C’mon & Love Me

Thanis Akritidis – Lead and Backing Vocals
Jon Powers – Guitars - Keyboards - Bass
Glenn Wellman - Drums

Ash Battle -Bass ("You")
Erik Johnson (BOMBAY BLACK) - Backing Vocals
Bobby Miller - Backing Vocals ("Set Me Free")
Betania Hernandez - Violins/Viola ("Can’t Stop")

After the debut album "Silence of the Night” in 1997, the melodic hard rock band Frozen Tears based in Melbourne is back with their second crunchy work "Brazen Whisper", seven tracks of melodic rock, AOR and heavy sound rooted in the 80s with a modern approach. The fact that the sound is reminiscent of the eighties is no coincidence, given that multi-instrumentalist Jon Powers and vocalist Thanis Akritidis , veterans of the scene, having fronted several bands since the Eighties such as Knight, Blood On Kisses and Bloodstone.
Six brand new and original tracks plus a cover of KISS's "C'mon and Love Me", special guests in "Brazen Whisper" as bassist Ash Battle, we can hear hi, in the track "You", Erik Johnson of Bombay Black on backing vocals, Bobby Miller on backing vocals in "Set Me Free" and Betania Hernandez on violins in "Can't Stop".
The opener “Brazen Whisper“ is a tasty start, brilliant and powerful with an incredible charge with the excellent vocals of Thanis that between the powerful riffs of Jon and the right dosage of choruses, manages to emphasize the tone of the song, the rhythm line is also very good, nothing superfluous and all distributed in such a way as not to 'weigh down' the piece, the perfect song.
"You" is the most peculiar track of "Brazen Whisper", made of rhythmic alternations that mark time and emotions, a very well structured track with an aggressive initial guitar to let "You" become a more melodic song, the final piano touch gives the track an added gentleness.
While I've enjoyed the opening two tracks so far, it's "Hold on Tight" that really fires me up, a catchy track that winks at the best songs that we can define real rock anthems, very catchy with good choruses, scratchy guitars and a good voice, impossible to stay still for the whole album but with this track you have to keep the pace! I love it.
The following "Love Can Be Real" is mainly AOR, with a more electronic intro thanks to the keyboards, which blends perfectly into the development of a more mature and calm song, the sound gets even more interesting with a dose of funky in "Set Me Free", another very interesting track that shines for originality in Brazen Whisper.
The ballad "Can't Stop" captivates us with its violin notes while the acoustic guitars continue to weave a very pleasant harmony continuing between rock-flavoured melodies and an accent to a sound that vaguely reminds me of the melancholic veil of The Dogs D'Amour.
Ending with a bang, a dive into 75 which as already mentioned, Frozen Tears offers us a cover of KISS' 'C'mon and Love Me'. I like these tributes and the cover is well done.
Jon Powers gives us crawling riffs, Thanis Akritidis is at least perfect with his voice in this work and the rhythm lines are flawless, I haven't mentioned yet the precious work of Glenn Wellman on drums that enriches the whole structure.
Whether you are a die-hard fan of 80s-influenced rock or if you are simply in the mood to rock, "Brazen Whisper" is the album you have to listen to.

Valeria Campagnale

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