Fugatta - The Darkest Planet


12/14/20212 min read

Band: Fugatta
Title: The Darkest Planet
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Label: Shamash Records
Release Date: 17 November 2021


1.- Overture XXI
2.- The Dark Land We Belong
3.- Sons of Syria
4.- Beyond the Light
5.- Slaves of Heaven
6.- Gates of Atlantis
7.- Lethal Virus
8.- Metal Invaders
9.- Duality (The Inner War)
10.- The Freedom of my Spirit
11.- The Dark Land We Belong (Spanish Version ft. Alberto Rionda)
12.- The Metal Invaders (ft. Ivan Giannini)

Daniel Viña - Voice
Hugo Medina - Bass
Homero Lezama Keybords
Eusebio Medrano - Guitar
Nash Zalmeron - Drums

Formed in 2008, the band has the Symphonic Power Metal imprint in full European style, typical of Italy and Germany, after 3 albums, Fugatta released the new album "The Darkest Planet" released by Shamash Records. The album follows the band's style implemented with more orchestral sections and more baroque flavor and contains 10 new tracks and 2 covers of those original songs with some deluxe guests: Alberto Rionda (Avalanch) and Ivan Giannini (Vision Divine). Not only these two guests but we also find Nelson Quirarte (Insertion Loss), Lilith Mendoza, Christian Vázquez and, Oscar Alcalá (MexicaIrish).
With the introduction "Overture XXI" we enter the album and it is "The Dark Land We Belong" that electrifies us with Power Metal, which manages to be both glorious and technical and melodic with its rather complex structure, beautiful guitar that manages to emerge in its essentiality.
Faster the following "Sons of Syria" well defined keyboard and Power Metal well interpreted by the seven strings of the guitar of Eusebio Medrano, classic but fresh song that despite the references to '80 and '90 manages to have a modern and lively sound.
More folkloric is the track "Beyond the Light" in which orchestral inserts alternate with powerful riffs and acoustic moments making this track absolutely brilliant.
"Slaves of Heaven" is a song that tends more towards a symphonic sound with a very good rhythm and the voice of Daniel Viña, who so far has added that melodic touch, characteristic of the genre, which makes the album very interpretive.
Emotionality in the waltz with neoclassical melody 'Lethal Virus', a power ballad with excellent keyboard arrangements and the magical aura it manages to diffuse.
elaborate metal Power Sinfonico invades, pun not wanted but it gives the idea, "Metal Invaders" with the rather energetic and melodic orchestral parts which together with them form the structure of the piece, delicate but powerful.
"Duality (The Inner War)" has good contrasts thanks to the guttural vocals, while "The Freedom of my Spirit" is a classic Power Metal piece with a great chorus and good guitars.
To end the album the two covers, the spanish version of "The Dark Land We Belong" in which we can listen to the guitarist Alberto Rionda (Avalanch) and, "Metal Invaders" sung by the Italian singer Ivan Giannini (Derdian, Vision Divine).
"The Darkest Planet" is an emotional album in front of which it is impossible to remain impassive, engaging and suggestive, it does the right honor to this band that after a few years has managed to create an important piece in their discography.
Recommended for all Power Metal headbangers.

Valeria Campagnale

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