Gauntlet Rule

Review by Valeria Campagnale



3/17/20222 min read

Band: Gauntlet Rule
Title: The Plague Court
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: From The Vaults
Release Date: 18 March 2022


“The Plague Court” tracklist:
1. The Caneham House
2. Run The Gauntlet
3. The Well Of Shadows
4. Runes Of The Autumn Witch
5. Dying For My Dreams
6. Valley Of Thorns
7. Plague Court
8. By The Gods Who Are Not
9. A Choir Of Angels
10. Death Will Be Ours (And Ours Alone)

Teddy Möller: lead and backing vocals
Rogga Johansson: rhythm and melody guitars
Peter Svensson: bass guitar
Lars Demoké: drums
Kjetil Lynghaug: solo guitar

Talking about a debut album with names like Rogga Johansson and Peter Svensson would seem a paradox, but Gauntlet Rule is the new band of these two musicians who, together with vocalist Teddy Möller, released the album "The Plague Court", a work of pure and enjoyable heavy metal. "The Plague Court" offers us epic tones with two main themes and sounds where horror themes and battlefields are crossed, sometimes with eighties sounds, others with a melodic imprint and others still furious and it's with this mood that the album opens with "The Caneham House", a typically heavy metal song with speed references and electrifying guitar, fast and impactful as the whole structure of the song with a doom air characterised also by Teddy Möller's voice that brings that dark value to the whole album. "Run The Gauntlet" is clearly rooted in an eighties sound, full-bodied and engaging as is the track's excellent chorus. "Runes of the Autumn Witch" undoubtedly features whimsy solos, one of the best tracks on this album, it is definitely a track of interesting compositional value, to put it briefly it is a gem. The first special guest is Blaze Bayley in "Dying For My Dreams", an unmistakable voice who also contributed to the vocal arrangements, a noteworthy British heavy piece with its old school echoes and eighties metal, another blasting track in "The Plague Court".
"Valley Of Thorns" is another fast and aggressive track where we find the fury of the first track, the title track "Plague Court" goes back to the eighties sound again, a very good purely old school heavy metal while the more extreme side of the band in this album we find it in "By The Gods Who Are Not", a detachment from all the proposed tracks, a furious piece of fiery heavy metal.
Back to old school metal with "A choir of angels" which sees Lorraine Gill (Taist of Iron) as second guest, a more melodic but powerful song.
To close this good album we find the epic "Death Will Be Ours (And Ours Alone)", could there have been a better closure than with an epic-flavored piece?
"The Plague Court" it's a good heavy metal album, in these first months of 2022 it is certainly one of the best so far heard.

Valeria Campagnale