GOATMILKER to return with 3rd album this April



3/23/20221 min read

Dutch death metal outfit Goatmilker returns with their third, punishing album entitled "Exterminate the Holy". It's a ferocious album with strong anti-religion themes grounded in traditional Morbid Angel style with cutting-edge sound and production.

Both the CD and digital version will be released by Via Nocturna on April 15, 2022.

You can order the CD now at: https://bit.ly/goatmilker-cd
digital version is available here: https://bit.ly/goatmilker-digital

The tracklist is as follows:
01 Let’s End This
02 Unanswered Prayers
03 Familia Sodomiticum
04 Upon The Cross
05 Behind The Cellardoor 3
06 Just A Carpanter
07 Pathway to Oratory
08 Church Rapaciousness
09 Hang The Priest
10 Watchtowerwhore Abattoir
11 One Left To Kill

Be sure to follow Goatmilker on Facebook for more info:

More information available at www.vianocturna.com

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