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Band: Heidra
Title: To Hell Or Kingdom Come
Genre: Epic Metal
Label: Mighty Music
Release Date: 8 April 2022


1. The Beginning And The End
2. Retribution's Dawn
3. Dusk
4. The Rebirth
5. Wolfborn Rising
6. Fall Of the Fey
7. To Hell Or Kingdom Come
8. Ancient Gates
9. Cloaks And Daggers
10. Two Kings

Morten Bryld - vocals, keys, acoustic guitars
Martin W. Jensen - guitars
Carlos G.R. - guitars
James Atkin - bass, vocals

"To Hell Or Kingdom Come", the third album by Danish band Heidra, will be released on 8 April by Mighty Music, the latest chapter in the story that began with their first concept album. "To Hell Or Kingdom Come" is a departure from the style of "Awaiting Dawn", remaining firmly rooted in full-bodied Heavy Metal with a good level of composition influenced by the typically Nordic sound; folk music is no longer the centre around which the concept revolves, it is in fact more suffused and enclosed in the orchestrations. Morten Bryld's double screamy and clean singing remains the characteristic of Heidra and is equally dosed in the tracks, making this new album homogeneous. Ten tracks, four of which are highlights and I'll explain why.

"Retribution's Dawn", second track of the album, is the track par excellence that succeeds in encapsulating the new Heidra sounds, sounds that verge on melodic death, especially with regard to the guitars of Martin W. Jensen and Carlos G.R., without ever penetrating but on a hypothetically separating thread; the clean singing alternated to screaming, as I said at the beginning, becomes more acute in the dosage; the refrain from metal hymn, a detail not to be underestimated because it manages to grab the moment to capture the right attention.

"Two Kings", another iconic track, both for its echoes of the anthemic theme and its catchiness, and then the piano, in stark contrast to the drums, gives a musical addition to an already epic sound.

"Dusk" and "Wolfborn Rising", not surprisingly chosen as singles, have the potential powerful sound to engage both the band's existing fans and new ones. Last but certainly not least is "The Blackening Tide", an impactful track featuring Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse) on drums, epicness made music.

"To Hell Or Kingdom Come" is the right conclusion of Heidra's trilogy, an album that offers epic atmospheres that look more towards the classic melodic death metal interspersed with melodies, as well as having an excellent production.

Valeria Campagnale

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