Ian Voltage

Ian Voltage - Spring of Turmoil Review by Valeria Campagnale



3/29/20221 min read

Artist:Ian Voltage
Title: Spring of Turmoil
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: March 2nd 2022


01. Turmoil
02. G.F.W.
03. Nova
04. Hummingbird Heart
05. Quicksand

Derek Kinnunen, vocals
Julius Rautio, guitar
Keinonen, guitar
Mikko Jaakola, drums
Miikka Merikallio, bass guitar

Finnish Ian Voltage is a rock band formed in Helsinki in 2019, the band offers a mix of Hard and Heavy Rock with strong influences of those bands that have made history taking the raw rock of Guns N' Roses and and the more refined one of Alice In Chains, it is with the release of the debut EP "Spring of Turmoil" that they propose themselves to the musical marquis, five appreciable tracks of which the first single "G.F.W." released as a music video last February 11.
"Turmoil" starts with a strong bass introduction, the pounding riff and the choruses follow the basic line of this track, a good solidly structured beginning. "G.F.W." (Guilty, Frozen & Wrecked) was a natural choice as the first single, driving drum rhythms for a fiery heavy rock. 'Nova' is the catchy ballad of this work and who knows if it will be chosen as the second single. Growing sounds that explode between scratching riffs and optimal vocals. We back to rock with the following "Hummingbird Heart", a lively and direct rock, also here the guitars become sharp as well as the rhythmic line is powerful. To conclude, the melancholic "Quicksand", one of the best tracks of "Spring of Turmoil", intense, involving and veiled by catchy choruses that add some colour but leave the taste of that melancholy that proceeds from its intimate nature, beautiful.
Such a pity it's 'only' an EP, I would have liked to hear a full album but I look forward to it.
A band with an engaging sound, with the right attitude and rock'n'roll, promoted with full marks!

Valeria Campagnale