ILL TIDINGS : new album "Hymns To Demise" out in June



3/22/20221 min read

Cult Of Parthenope is proud to reveal Austrian atmospheric black metallers ILL TIDINGS' cover album and tracklist for their sophomore upcoming full length "Hymns to Demise", to be released in June 2022.

Cult Of Parthenope commented :
"It's mere minutes before midnight on the doomsday clock. Living in times of plague and with the threat of a possible WW3 hovering just a hand's breadth above our heads, Ill Tidings' new album “Hymns to Demise” keeps what it promises: eight nihilistic black metal anthems to go down with a fucked up world, which has been dead inside for a long time. There is no hope to be found, no redemption; just hatred, despair and anger, pure and sincere. To the depths of Erebus!

“Hymns To Demise” tracklist :
1. Void Prayer
2. Die Welt stürzt ein
3. Slaying The New Gods
4. Fires Under The Night Sky
5. Spektrales Erwachen
6. Perchtensabbat
7. No Redemption
8. Mahlstrom im Glasgefüge

Produced by Mario Dahmen at Liquid Aether Audio, Germany.
Artwork and layout by A.T. at Heresie Studio.
Photography by Void Revelations.

Ill Tidings are :
Gabriel - Vocals
Thorn - Guitars
Aquilifer - Guitars
Syknatt - Bass, Vocals
Katharsis - Drums

Out in June 2022 via Cult Of Parthenope.

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