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2/18/20222 min read

Recensione a cura di Valeria Campagnale

"The Sum of All Fears" is the debut full length album of Black Sun Omega. The band was formed in 2018 and decided to release directly a full length without any demo material being previously released.

Black Sun Omega come from the city of Patras in Greece. Patras is a city that gave birth to one of the best underground death metal bands ever, Death Courier.

However, Black Sun Omega little things share with the death metal tradition. They are basically a thrash band with some death metal and heavy metal influences.

The songs basically have a mid tempo to fast riffing in a Sepultura mid period sense. Some riffs sound "Arise" or "Chaos AD" driven.

"Flowing Hate" shows obvious Sepultura influences from the "Arise" period. Deathrash with passion and flow. The band show their technical skills in atmospheric a-la Dismember riffs in the end of the song remaining extreme throughout.

The syncopated riff in "Arena of Souls" delivers again the thrash metal Seps vibe.

"The Whore of Babylon" shows a different face of the band. It starts with a very nice bass work and it is a more melodic tune. Imagine a death metal track that carries thrash elements in a "Seasons in the Abyss" style with acoustic/melodic guitars. That's definitely my favorite song of the album.

"World's Demise" features some very nice guitar harmonies of old heavy metal (Running Wild, Judas Priest), bands that are of course root bands for thrash and nice influences.

The whole album is basically in this thrash tone except from "The Whore of Babylon" where Black Sun Omega show a darker shade of their personality in a song that has many acoustic parts allowing darkness to rise. I found this obscure song very interesting. And the production of the album is fine and works with their style.

The Venom cover of "Witching Hour" is also nice. The truth is that way too many bands have covered this song since it was originally released in 1981 from the classic Newcaste, English band, but it is a song that always catches the listener and I am pretty sure it will work fine in Black Sun Omega live shows.

Palm muted riffs and a warm and nice eastern melody are spread from the speakers, the band is influenced by the 80's and 90's thrash. The melodic break of "Fightback" with the nice bass is a great idea and makes the song hauntingly dark. The lead guitar is somehow obviously Greek but without losing the thrash power and that's a really nice addition. "Fightback" is definitely a song that will work good in their live shows.

The debut of Black Sun Omega is a strong album that puts them in the map of thrash/death. The band has a decent songwriting, the production is fine and we await for their next attack.

"The Sum of All Fears" is a good thrash album. Old school thrash metal fans will like it.

VOTO 80/100