Countless Goodbyes



2/19/20221 min read

Recensione a cura di Alex Montenegro

Countless Goodbyes is Metalcore band from Pori - Finland, they have been working since 2011.

In 2019 the band released CYCLES, a great album with great sounds of modern metal (Especially, Djent and metalcore).

THE FALLEN is the first track of the album, it sounds great! It has a lot of interesting moments. I need to say that I heard a little influence of Djent Metal. “Butterfly Effect” and “Faith in Me” are strong songs as well. I love calling these songs the trilogy of the album.

Memories Left Behind, Enemy and HIDING FROM MYSLEF change the rules of the album, we will listen influences from bands like Bullet for my Valentine or Asking Alexandria mixed with Dream Theater riffs

Are you with me is the next track and we will hear influences from Punk rock bands like Fireflight.

Hiding From Myself, and Who Are We, these songs go in a progressive metal way, sometimes the songs remind me influences from Scar Symmetry mixed with Symphony X and Asking Alexandria.

No Escape and Hourglass are the final songs which are the strongest and epic songs on the album. A little tribute to the old songs mixed in 2 these songs.

My matter isn't metalcore. Anyway, I enjoyed this album I’m of the opinion the band has a great potential the potential.

The only negative thing that I can say comes with the mixing I think that drums need more “punch”, but I really liked the album

In summary, Countless Goodbyes are talented musicians and they can be part of the great acts around the world of metalcore in all its forms.

Onni Kivikaarre - Vocals

Andre Rodriguez - Drums

Jancarlo Rodriguez - Guitars

Ilari Ukkola - Guitars

Lauri Lilja – Bass

Note: 89/100