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2/19/20222 min read

Reviewed by Valeria Campagnale

If you like to lose yourself in concept albums, if you find interest in H.P. Lovecraft’s world of Chthulhu and if you enjoy extreme metal and particularly old school thrash and death metal, then Deathcraeft are a very nice suggestion for you to invest your money and time. The Greeks use all of the above and they also use symphonic passages, a few black metal themes (Greeks specialize in black metal after all!), and progressive rock/metal play. Turning the Lovecraftian mythos to the present and interpreting it including social, human, political problems of today, they made me search for their lyrics and immediately increased the interest.

On Human Devolution was recorded in the band’s own studio in Greece and was mastered in Sweden, so the result is actually a mix of the aesthetics of both countries in metal. It is very fresh and intact, although it remains old school. Everything can be perfectly heard and there is a certain place left for the right feeling. Because this type of music is mostly based on the creation of the right feeling, something that Deathcraeft are definitely into.

The impressive guitar melodies and phrases and the huge and thick riffs are like throwing cement straight on your head. But the trick is that they never forget their melodies and harmonies. So, the

result is far from being boring. On the contrary, it is very rich and it sounds pretty much progressive. The leads are well measured and tight, although frantic at the thrashier parts. The vocals give a great twist to the whole band because they balance right between deep death metal vocals (not just meaningless growls) and cleaner vocals. They are always comprehensible and they make the atmosphere of the album bigger.

Although the bass duties are held by the guitar player, the rhythm section is another pretty impressive thing in Deathcraeft. The drums have a lot of fantasy and they perform in a very complimentary way for the songwriting.

On Human Devolution is a great debut album for Deathcraeft and one of the most interesting releases we came across recently.