Recensione a cura di Alex Montenegro



2/26/20221 min read

The French Metal band NUISIBILE released an album which gives us a special feeling: Rage. I was looking for info about this album, and I was amazed when I watched that they had recorded the album in 5 days. Perhaps, for this reason we will hear an intense album. In addition, this record was produced by the band in collaboration with a friend called Camille Giraudeau. The first track “SLAVES…” introduces doom metal riffs, it works very well for opening this album!
“… and SNAKES” is a great song which gives us a powerful sound inspired by DARKTHRONE, you want to destroy everything when you hear this song.
“Evil still” has changed the formula, it seems like Angel Witch and Venom are influences on this track, it sounds very inspired in dark metal bands from NWOBHM.
Vengeful Blood is the 3rd track, the song evolves in many states from doom metal to hardcore punk.
We got a little interlude called “PERVERT BIGGOT” which sounds more like Industrial metal.
Until this part, I can hear an interesting album, but the next tracks: Swarm As King, Two-sided Integrity, Burning Embers, Blind Paradox and Blur The Light, these songs sound like one song. I don’t know if it’s with a proposal, you will hear a lot of violent riffs and guitar solos inspired by DARKTHRONE, TRAGEDY, ICON or VENOM.
In my opinion it’s not a bad album, if you like extreme metal, but they could have been made many interesting movements around the final half of the album, it’s a good album anyway.

In short, if you feel angry with rage, and you want to destroy the world around you, this album is perfect for those moments.

Julien: Guitars, vocals
Alexandre: Drums, keyboards, vocals
Damien: Bass, vocals
Furet: Guitar