MANTIC RITUAL Release Music Video For "Life As Usual"

MANTIC RITUAL RELEASE MUSIC VIDEO FOR “LIFE AS USUAL” New 6-song EP, ‘Heart Set Stone,’ Out Today – In Stores and Online


9/6/20222 min read

Reunited Thrashers MANTIC RITUAL release the music video for “Life As Usual,” the opening track of their new 6-song EP, ‘Heart Set Stone.’

The song joins the previously released “Crusader” as the group’s first new music since their 2009 Nuclear Blast debut, ‘The Executioner’ and further highlights the band’s craft at melding inspirations into a raw, yet punchy and melodic based traditional blast of heavy music. The quartet also took a retro approach to the clip shooting entirely on a non-sync 16mm Bolex camera, shot by Randy Smith and colored by Randy and Chris Smalley with editing by Chris and singer/guitarist Dan Wetmore.

"The 'Life As Usual' video was shot entirely on 16mm using a non-sync Bolex,” explains Dan. “For film fans, yes, this means all footage is entirely analogue for this video. Editing was very tedious because there is no audio playback reference, and even more difficult, older 16mm cameras do not shoot in time (and we did not have access to a crystal sync Bolex). The original raw footage constantly swayed between slight fast and slow motion with no predictable regularity. Being off even one frame makes a big difference, so strategic cuts and frame dropping got us as close as possible. Still, it's not perfectly in sync like most videos today, but we hope you'll dig it nonetheless."

Today also marks the release of MANTIC RITUAL’s anticipated EP, ‘Heart Set Stone.’ Last year the group initially whetted fans’ appetites by releasing the limited edition ‘Crusader’ 7” backed with their cover of the MERCYFUL FATE classic, “Black Funeral.” With enthusiasm and encouragement, the band completed recording 4 more songs, again splitting the difference between original compositions and influential covers which were given the band’s own spin expanding upon the original 7” idea and giving demanding fans a CD and retail release, as well as the option of a mail-order only limited cassette (100 copies) with alternate green logo and shell, or available to all via digital and streaming digital platforms. Links for the EP can be found HERE –

In addition to the 3 new songs, Mantic Ritual, who were joined on this recording by Warbringer drummer Carlos Cruz, recorded covers of the G.B.H. classic “Race Against Time” circa 1981 from the UK hardcore originators and “Cross Me Fool” from Canadian thrash legends RAZOR that fit in nicely alongside the previously released MERCYFUL FATE tribute.

“Six tracks, three original, three covers,” explains Dan. “It contains ‘Crusader’ and ‘Black Funeral,’ but the rest are virgin Mantic recordings. This is a diverse EP. And you can hear the bass. And the leads are the best yet. And the covers are 100% the exact shit that helped start Mantic Ritual in the first place. It’s like blasting forward, with the choice bits of the past attached to big, heavy chains. And keep in mind, we have the future full-length written entirely. This EP is the beer before the burger, the weed before sex… It’s a six-song EP offered on compact disc and cassette tape. This is high technology for late ‘80s fans. Hope you can handle it!”


Dan Wetmore (vocals/guitars)

Jeff Potts (guitars)

Ben Mottsman (bass)

Carlos Cruz (drums)

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