Medusa Touch return with their latest single ‘Asylum’

Scottish NWOBHM stalwarts Medusa Touch return with their latest single ‘Asylum’ - taken from the upcoming album ‘Insaniteyes’.


9/9/20221 min read

Near all the band’s songs draw inspiration from current events occurring in our world - and this latest track is no exception. Across its action-packed 4 minute run time, ‘Asylum’ details the crisis facing people in war-torn and dangerous parts of the world fleeing their homes to find safety.

“As we see frequently on the news there are people paying what ( for them) must be massive amounts of money to get on an inadequate boat and cross dangerous sea - we (in the UK) must be thinking that they’d be mad to try that. That's the first reference to Asylum, the second is the fact they are desperately seeking Asylum at their destination. How they must feel on that boat must be terrifying, inspiring the lines in the chorus referring to Death's Asylum and Hell's Asylum,” remarks vocalist and guitarist Gordon ‘Gogsy’ Sinclair. “That picture of the dead child lying on the beach will haunt me forever.”

Written and recorded in their own recording studio, Medusa Touch’s new album ‘Insaniteyes’ is out November 18th via Devil’s Clause Records.

RockersAndOtherAnimals_NWOBHM_Medusa Touch
RockersAndOtherAnimals_NWOBHM_Medusa Touch