Metal Scrap Records released debut EP "The Initiation" by NIGHT ATTACK.

"The Initiation" captures the best of the shredding days of US and German Thrash Metal, with band's own darker style and grotesque visions.



5/22/20223 min read

The debut EP by American Blackened Death/Thrash Metal band.

"The Initiation" captures the best of the shredding days of US and German Thrash Metal, with band's own darker style and grotesque visions. Each song comes fist-in-face, from intense speeds to headbanging groove tempos and shredding solos that will make you want to rage in the mosh pit.

Vocals range from Harsh and Grim Black Metal with added Gore Sickening Lows, but in Thrash style vocal patterns. The music is also packed with movie theatrics and horrifying screams, acted and performed by the band members themselves.

The amazing detailed drumming, packed with a clear production, allows listeners to easily distinguish every guitar/drum riffage, yet with a production, which holds a dark Metallic rawness, perfectly fitting to their style.

The drumming goes beyond the traditional concepts and explores the genres of all Metal, appealing to fans of Death, Grind, War, Hardcore or even Punk.

Guitars are fast and technical, but just enough to allow the listener to interpret the craft of this music. The guitar riffing and solos are played with experience, taken us back to the days of Metallica, Slayer, Dark Angel, Kreator.

Some lyrics written in the traditional Thrash style, while some are written in a more poetic Gothic way that takes the listener through a world of vampire legends, vampirism, romance, resurrections, and afterlife.

For fans of 80s Thrash and Speed Metal, and early 90s Death and Blackened Thrash Metal.

Release Date: May 20, 2022

Label: Metal Scrap Records

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Night Attack plays fast aggressive late 80s style Blackened Death/Thrash Metal with lyric based on vampirism, occultism and afterlife. Night Attack was created in 2016 in Charlotte, NC, by Charles Lucia, better known as Verigo of the Black Metal bands Vesterian and Ancestral Blood.

Verigo’s first line-up was solidified during Spring of 2017, consisting of old school metalheads, who were mostly friends he went way back with from his youth.

A rehearsal recording took place during summer of that year and was launched via the internet as a sample teaser of all songs. This marks the only Night Attack recording consisting of the original line-up. In spring 2018, band members split-up, mostly due to professional occupational reasons, requiring relocation outside of Charlotte.

Fall of 2019 Verigo begins recording the first Night Attack EP, with rejoining original drummer Alderath. But, due to the Covid pandemic in early 2020, businesses were shut down, including studio where it must be recorded. Completion of the EP was postponed indefinitely.

Summer of that same year, recording begins at a new local studio but, in that same week, Alderath is forced to leave the band due to unforeseen circumstances. Verigo meets a local Thrasher named Jake Anantha, who later becomes Night Attack’s full time drummer. Jake learns, and swiftly executes the drum tracks in less than 4 weeks. The EP “The Initiation” was completed in December 2020.

“The Initiation” mixing and mastering was completed late 2021 and Night Attack signs a deal with Metal Scrap Records. Also, new full time guitar player Adam Burrell joins the rank.

Official Teaser :

Tracklist "The Initiation"

1. Ripped to Shreds 4:56

2. Ride the Whirlwinds 7:50

3. Merciless Attack 4:16

4. Radiation Death 4:24

5. Beyond What Lies 7:42

Bonus Track:

6. Merciless Attack (Demo Version) 4:17


Charles “Verigo” Lucia – vocals, guitars, vocals, bass (on recording session);

Adam Burrell – guitars, backing vocals;

Jake Anantha – drums.