Metaphoric Mind releases 'The Tree of Lies' music video & single


11/26/20211 min read

Tree of Lies is the second single from progressive/djent metal Metaphoric Mind. The video, shot in the Tuscan mountains, reflects the introspective and spiritual aura of this song.

The meaning of the lyrics is here entrusted to the feelings that the scenes of the video arouse in the viewer. Earth and sky alternate and create delicate contrasts. The soft light that passes through the leaves of the forest, the setting sun that colors the sky orange, the warm light of the flashlights that lights up the darkness, give us ethereal scenarios, guiding us through this mystical vision. A song that belongs to those who are lost in the labyrinths of human lies, manipulated and gaslighted, and that even if they don't realize it, they already have in themselves everything they need to overcome the status quo.

Metaphoric Mind are:
Melissa Bruschi: vocals
Flavio Salvatori: drums
Paride Fidati: guitars
Diego Masiani: bass

Metaphoric Mind online: