My Silent Wake's Ian Arkley releases 'Der Fund', the second video single from his stunning solo album Two


7/18/20221 min read

Ian Arkley, noted for his incredible work with the likes of Seventh Angel, Ashen Mortality, Guillotine Dream and of course the magnificent My Silent Wake, released his second solo album, Two, through Opa Loka Records last month. A remarkable album, Two is imbued with a rich, soft magic, reaching into the forgotten past, drinking deeply from the beauty of the natural world and peering through the mists of folkloric tradition. Perhaps the most powerful and affecting track on Two is 'Der Fund', or the discovery, a song which can reconnect the listener with something utterly essential, giving sustenance to the spirit. Arkley has now released a superb video to accompany 'Der Fund', full of imagery which helps to tell the story inherent within the music. Open your soul to 'Der Fund' here...

Two is available now on limited edition digipack CD and digital formats from Opa Loka Records. The beautiful artwork and photography were all created by Arkley himself, with the layout being designed by Michael Shaffer, who also mastered both Two and its predecessor, One. This is an album to be sought out, grasped and held close to the heart; a treasure whose gleam will never fade.

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