NEAR DUSK the new single 'The Way It Goes'

NEAR DUSK release their monster new single 'The Way It Goes' out on 23rd May, out via Iron Head Records.



5/13/20221 min read

The sophomore effort from Near Dusk crosses all borders of modern rock 'n' roll. With woody riffs throughout, this track is about someone who's destined to let you down every time.

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Hard riffin' Mile High Stoner Rock drenched in Psychedelia and the Heavy Blues. Laden with heavy woody riffs, slow driving tempos, and plenty of fuzz to go around. Fronted by Guitarist and Vocalist Matthew Orloff, Low End Soldier Kellen McInerney, and Rhythm Heathen Jon Orloff, the band maintains an original style while crossing all boundaries of Classic Stoner Rock.