NEW single for EINSAMKEIT ("Mother Gaia" from homonymous album)


9/19/20221 min read

Fabricio "Fabpanzer" started at the end of 2019 recording short instrumental songs and in 2020 he decided to give a name (Einsamkeit) and starting a more serious project. He started recording vocals and adding more instruments.

At the beginning, this was just to experiment and see the result of what he was creating.

In that year he recorded more music because of the covid pandemic situation, he had a lot of free time in home that gave him more time to explore and learn more about recording and writing music by his own.

He still records new music, always trying to learn and improve his sound. Also all the graphic material was made by him. The logo, the cover artworks and videos.

The topics of his music are surrounded by loneliness and all mysticism of nature.