THRONEUM & KINGDOM reveal details of "ThronDom des Bösen" split album

6/3/20212 min read

THRONEUM and KINGDOM, two legends of Polish underground death metal. Both having a rich heritage and history. For many years in the underground, they have been constantly spreading the art of death. Throneum, authors of ten full-length albums, meets Kingdom, which has five of them. These two powers have decided to join forces and thanks to this, we can proudly announce that the split entitled ‘ThronDom des Bösen’ will be released on June 7th. It will be available on vinyl and in digital format.

You can check it out in its entirety HERE.

Throneum once again throws the listener into the depths of chaos. Perfect, broken, crazy riffs take us into the world of ancient darkness, which – thanks to possessed vocals – reach the recipient with double power. Four compositions, with a cover of Finnish Unholy, are a crazy death metal carousel, which once again escapes from all categories and labeling. After them comes the ruthless Kingdom, with their blasphemous death metal, sparing no sanctity. The longest composition in the history of the band is a journey through hatred, blasphemy, desecration and madness.  Kingdom attacks, as always, but also forces you to reflect. Their part ends with a cover of The Sisters Of Mercy, which would have massacred Eldritch himself!

Throneum part was recorded in the fall of 2018 and in the beginning of 2019. Mixed and mastered by Bloodwimp in July 2019.

Kingdom tracks were recorded in the end of Anno Bastardi 2019 in Garaz Studio. Mixed and mastered by Mateu-sz.

Cover art by Klaudio Witchak. Cover artwork colors and layout design by Maciej Kamuda.

01. THRONEUM – Ereshkigal
02. THRONEUM – The Death Like Silence
03. THRONEUM – Affirmation
04. THRONEUM – Neverending Day (Unholy Cover)
05. KINGDOM – Ścieżka Nicości
06. KINGDOM – Lucretia My Reflection (The Sisters of Mercy Cover)

Throneum line-up:
The Great Executor – Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Diabolizer – Drums
Helvethet – Vocals
Armagog – Vocals

More info: Facebook

Kingdom line-up:
LWN – Guitar, Vocals
RMK – Guitar
STH – Bass, Vocals
SLW – Drums, Vocals

More info: Facebook

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