5/13/20212 min read

Band: Hellfire 
Title: Goat Revenge
Genre: Black Metal
Witches Brew 
Release date: 
31 January 2017


Track listing
1. Intro  
2. Hellmass Attack  
3. Goat Revenge  
4. War Apocalypse Battery   
5. Field of Screams  
6. Unholy Cult  
7. Unleash the Beast  
8. Lord of the Mighty Horns  

Karagh – guitars, vocals
Necrobaphomet – bass
Skullcrusher – drums

Old-school Ukrainian black metal band Hellfire, formed in late 2014 by Karagh and Necrobaphomet, members of the black metal band Paranomia, and that the first line-up also included drummer Skullcrusher, in 2019, the lineup changed with Tank as the new drummer.
Extreme music in the debut EP entitled Goat Revenge, Hellfire unleash in about 25 minutes, fury and hatred showing pure passion for Black Metal with death and thrash metal elements.
A one-minute introduction of buzzing flies, gunfire and ominous sounds, followed by the first track 'Hellmass Attack', a devilish Black Metal with influences ranging from Death to Hard Rock, the luciferous growls increase the track's sound along with the heavy guitar.
'Goat Revenge' features the rítmica of baterist Skullcrusher, very decisive and infernal to which the main riff must be added, creating a noticeably dense atmosphere. 
Not to be outdone by the following 'War Apocalypse Battery', a firm melody but maintaining the band's old school sound with the very remarkable guitarist Karagh's work.
The wicked 'Field of Screams' even manages to be a bit groovy and a great bass line, that of Necrobaphomet who in addition to vocals also gives us great bass moments.
In 'Unholy Cult', Hellfire expose a more elaborate Black Metal in the rhythm, and without taking anything away from the musical phrasing of Necrobaphomet and Karagh, it is the power of Skullcrusher that manages to stand out.
With 'Unleash the Beast', the band manages to return us to the early sounds of Black Metal, while
Karagh's sharp riffs accompany us for the entirety of the track of the finest quality in Extreme Metal.
Closing track 'Lord of the Mighty Horns' floods us with Black and Death Metal with a wild and bombastic bass while Skullcrusher evokes the best old school drumming.A good EP with good evil vibes and nostalgic approach, take note of 'War Apocalypse Battery' and 'Unleash the Beast’ and go listen to Hellfire.

For information, I am not late in reviewing this 2017 EP but I only got in touch with the band's promoter a short while ago.

Valeria Campagnale