Morphium - The Fall

Review to Morphium - The Fall

4/25/2021 2 min read

Band: Morphium
Title: The Fall
Genre: Metal
Released date: March 2021
Labels Art Gates Records


Alex Bace - Vocals
James Lamb - Guitar
Sergi Rivera - Bass
Sebas Limongi - Drums
Javi Delgado - Guita

Morphium latest release, The Fall, is out now. This is the fourth album for the Iberian band and they have been active in the metal scene since 2005. The Spaniards attempt to break out of the national music scene with an intriguing cover, impactful and topical lyrics about moral decay and a highly evolved sound to which Marco Barusso (Lacuna Marco Barusso (Lacuna Coil) also contributed to the sound.
A contemporary metal album, a successful mix of metal and old fashioned rock with very melodic choruses contrasting with very heartfelt verses and a violent sounding verses. The rhythmic solutions don't always seem obvious, and in fact when you scroll through the tracks you get the impression that the songs have been tired and written for a long time before being recorded. This can be clearly heard already from the opening track, "Dance of Files", where nothing has been left to chance. At times the dynamics of guitarists James Lamb and Javi Delgado are extremely powerful and at times extremely powerful and sometimes dark, the riffs are very hard as well as the voice Growl and then flow into a chorus. The riffs are very hard, as well as the growl vocals, and the chorus immediately gets into your head and promises to come out hard. Vocally the progress of frontman Alex Bace are remarkable. There's a lot of modern sound right from the start, nu-metal is the main character but then again, you can't invent too much, but maybe that's also why the album is pleasant, they don't invent but take their cue....
They don't invent, but they take inspiration... the important thing is to take inspiration in the right way, and they know how to do it.
Everybody Is Dead In This House, the fourth track of the album, starts almost as if it were a Doom piece, simple but almost hypnotic guitars that give way to the voice always clean while passing between Growl, melodic and at times reminiscent of Marilyn Manson.
In Insorcism it seems to have changed album...the sounds become almost Trash metal, they use Synth and play a little bit with the electronics that on the album.
Synth and play a little bit with electronics which honestly doesn't hurt at all. The chorus becomes very singable and the chorus becomes very singable and a beautiful detachment until the entrance of the verse where you come back good and bad...
To sum up: the band is there and you can hear it, all the staff did a great job with The Fall.
Let's just hope we'll be able to hear them live in the near future and on stages that will give them the shine they deserve.
Excellent album, well played and well written.

Mitch T.

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