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4/18/20212 min read

Band: Dawn Ahead 
Title: Fallen Anthems
Genre: Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Label: Art Gates Records
Release date: 19 March 2021


1. Death Roll
2. State of Mind
3. Suffer
4. Anthem of the Fallen
5. I Command
6. Among the Blind
7. Shot at Dawn
8. All I Have to Do
9. Pride
10. Summon the Black
11. Excess

Christian 'Chrischaan' Wilsberg - Vocals
Thomas Wolf - Guitar
Marcel Martin - Guitar
Patrick Samarzija - Bass
Jan Bechtloff - Drums

Thrashcore-crossover on the debut album "Fallen Anthems" by Dawn Ahead, a band formed in 2012, and with 2 EPs preceding this release. "Fallen Anthems" fuses metalcore, groove, to which death metal is added with a good dose of thrash; the German 80's and 90's death/thrash is vivid in this album. The brutal thrash of "Death Roll" strikes from the start where frenetic drums and clean vocals blend with the style, the guitar solo in the middle of the track makes the beginning of this album interesting. 
Guttural vocals in the groovy thrash "Suffer", while in "Anthem of the Fallen", we TV influences markedly in the style of Anthrax. the vocals, clean and snarling, always remain interesting. The listening deepens further with the next track "I Command", guttural growls and heavy riffs, harmonise with the rhythmic but obvious line and guitar solos, one of the best tracks on "Fallen Anthems" album. "Among the Blind" leaves aside the brutal sound for a lowered mid-tempo but still with a good metal groove and great riffs, the heavy bass line is a surplus.
The title track "Fallen Anthems" returns to fast sounds, while "Shot at Dawn" is a more aggressive thrash with a good guitar solo towards the end, death thrash in "All I Have to Do”. 
"Pride" is a metalcore-ish track with growl vocals, "Summon the Black" is another interesting track where the band manages to bring together different genres; the double bass and drums lash out along with both clean and raspy vocals, the prog sound manages to blend with the more classic thrash. "Excess" is the angry conclusion of the album, hard vocals, speed, thrash and death rage with sharp riffs, the best of Dawn Ahead's many nuances.
"Fallen Anthems" is 
a work with an old-school style and interested sounds, recommended for both nostalgics and young people who want to approach a classic sound.

Valeria Campagnale

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