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Lasting Maze is a melodic/alternative metal band formed in March 2014 in the city of Mossoró - Rio Grande do Norte/Brazil. The compositions talk about the human mind, psychology, scientific approaches, besides the feelings that guide us. In 2016 the band released their first EP, 'Silent Spring'. Recently they released their second EP 'Thunder'. Check out the interview prepared by Romulo Carlos and answered by vocalist Grazy Mesquita.

1 - When and where did Lasting Maze appear?
Grazy Mesquita: Lasting Maze emerged in 2014 in Mossoró-RN.

2 - Why did you change your name?
Grazy Mesquita: Actually, even before we launched as a band, we did a vote among the oldest members of the band, among the name suggestions were Over the Surface; Lasting Maze; and another option that I don't remember (rsrs). The name Lasting Maze won.

3 - Could you comment on the repercussion of the debut EP "Silent Spring".
Grazy Mesquita: Silent Spring was our first studio work. We were all new at it, we had never produced authorial music in this way and released it to the world before. Silent Spring was well received in our region and in some European countries. We were invited to play in several events in the Northeast of Brazil and in our region. The hits and mistakes made us much more experienced about what we could do in a future work.

4 - Grazy is one of the composers, how does the composition process works?
Grazy Mesquita: I prefer to compose the lyrics after the instrumental is totally defined. Depending on the energy and feeling that the song brings me is that I can start working on the lyrics and the message we would like to transmit, and so I get inspired by books, games, movies, series, more personal events and much more. Sometimes we bring in snippets of ideas, sometimes the guys bring in a song with a full instrumental, and then we go about arranging the songs.

5 - What are the band's influences?
Grazy Mesquita: We have many influences, but mainly from European Metal, Asian Rock, classic rock from the 80s and more modern ones. I can mention some bands like: Delain, Beyond The Black,Nightwish and several others. Besides other rock influences, alternative metal and also Metal Corecomo: Lacuna Coil, Bring Me The Horizon, Disturbed and Linkin Park.

6 - What is the reason for choosing such a complicated style of music, which doesn't have the deserved support?
Grazy Mesquita: Because of affinity and because we feel represented by the genre and message songs transmit.

7 - Was there any support from people from Mossoró's scene to give more visibility to the band?
Grazy Mesquita: Com certeza. Tivemos apoio de diversos parceiros e produtores, como o Rafaum Costa das bandas Mad Grinder, Black Witch e produtor do Cosmos Art Studio, Santiago Primo idealizador do evento SAMM de cultura geek, Festival Dosol, Antônio Vicente baterista da banda Heavenless,Wanderson Brito produtor de eventos e baixista da banda Rock Drinkers, além de Daniel Tavares dono do Nevada Studio que gravou, mixou e masterizou nossas músicas desde o início. São muitas pessoas a agradecer.

8 - You work with Press Relations, how does this support contributes to the band?
Grazy Mesquita: For sure. Having a competent and committed team by our side directing efforts on promoting our material, creating bonds and contacts, besides making a wide divulgation on national and international vehicles makes us very accomplished, happy and less overloaded as a band. Because a band?s work is not only to compose and produce music, it?s to schedule rehearsals, produce shows, make investments, create merchandising, study your instrument and improve your techniques, besides always working hard to generate new content. The work does not stop, and many times the musician has more than one profession to maintain himself, it is a hard work, that's why to count with an advisory is of great importance.

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9 - What is the repercussion of the videos "Greatest Sin" and the recent "The Wolves", in the band's vision?
Grazy Mesquita: The repercussion of both was very good and they have been growing even more with time. They were our first professional audiovisual productions and we are always working to improve the next video clips.

10 - Why did it take so long to release new material/EP?
Grazy Mesquita: The COVID-19 pandemic made the EP release very difficult. But in this year of 2021 we found an excellent date to release the EP, which preceded the Desérticas II Festival to which we performed and was a great success.

11 - Could you comment on the tracks of the 'Thunder' EP and about the recording?
Grazy Mesquita: The first song and also title of the EP, Thunder, describes an individual gripped by fear, trapped in an intense dark storm. Even being controlled by fear he finds in his virtues ways to face it, being patient, understanding fear and realizing that it doesn't last forever. The thunder becomes his north, illuminating and guiding the way back home.
The second track from the Greatest Sin EP, was officially released in December 2018, initially as a single, but was included on the EP later. It is about a woman who finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship and realises she is being manipulated. So she decides to put an end to the relationship. Not by being a victim, but by realising that she's strong enough to leave the relationship without finding herself emotionally dependent on her ex-partner.
The third track, To The Wolves, describes a stray individual who becomes a member of a group to which he does not fit. Realising he was thrown to the wolves he needed to take action, he empowers himself, demonstrates all his strength, resilience and perceives himself as an important individual in the group, subsequently becoming a leader.
The fourth track, Kosmos, was inspired by astronomer Carl Sagan's definition of the cosmos and universe,all that ever was, all that is and all that will be, Varying from the Greek term κόσμος (kosmos), which speaks precisely of something well ordered, organised and harmonious. The song seeks to portray that we are all integrated in some way to the universe and environment to which we live.
The fifth and last track of the EP, Destiny (Carry On), closes the EP bringing a message about striving for what you always dreamed of achieving. It brings a nomadic individual, full of doubts and internal conflicts, questioning himself all the time if he should continue his journey in search of the place he always wanted to conquer. When he realizes that he recognizes his own destiny, the search to reach it becomes more arduous and incessant.

12 - You already have visibility and quality, is there a desire of a tour after this pandemic?
Grazy Mesquita: Yes, all we most wish is to play live again. When things get better and more flexible, if the possibility of a tour comes up that would be amazing.

13 - Thanks for the interview, I wish a lot more success to Lasting Maze.
Grazy Mesquita: Thank you very much, we appreciate it. We also wish a lot of success to all of you.

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Lasting Maze, interview,rockers and other animals,melodic metal alternative metal, Arrepio Produções