Tom Thumb, new album "Licence To Spill" 18th June 2021

6/7/20211 min read

Copping a fresh spray of salty froth from the choppy Caribbean sea, Dick Dribbley and Jack Cock wiped the hefty drips from their brows and waved their hands in pride. Blowing in the breeze, and also flapping in the wind, they had earned the right to drop zip and spill seed.
Dick took a chug from Jack’s gluggy martini and smirked, “skin or no skin, all tastes the same to me”. Whipping out his little slug and rolling back the sheets, Jack presented something he’d been saving for a special occasion. “You’ll notice the difference when you garnish it with some of this crust”, he announced. No one will ever really know who these mysterious fellows were that day, despite flashing their licenses and leaving behind a lot of DNA. As far as Jack Cock and Dick Dribbley were concerned, they left as heroes and bustled on outta there. Illustrious by name, crumbly by nature.

Jack Cock
Dick Dribbley

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