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Review to Exteme Metal band MartYriuM Lamia Satanica

4/11/20212 min read

Band: MartYriuM 
Title: Lamia Satanica 
Genre: Extreme Metal
Art Gates Records
Release Date:  19 March 2021

1. In Somnium Mortuum Filii 
2. Sacred Book of Baal 
3. Starless Opacity
4. End of my Realm
5. Emanation of Souls
6. Curse of Salvation
7. Order of the Fly
8. A Stain on Hera's Throne 
9. Venom Divine
10. Betrothed to Damnation

Sandra Misanthrope – Vocals 
Count Mortem – Guitar 
Sherath – Guitar
Sandmist – Bass 
Umarth – Keyboard
Vulcanus – Drums 
Pandemonia – Backing Vocals


The Extreme Metal band MartYriuM from Malta, released on 19th March the new album "Lamia Satanica” for Art Gates Records. Born in 1999 in Malta,thanks to Count Mortem, MartYriuM is part of the  second wave of black metal, fusing  Black and Death Metal with orchestrations and Industrial Elements. After the album five years the album "Destiny Wore a Bondage Mask”, the band  returns with the myth of the Lamia and her occult figure. The album is, as we could expect, very theatrical staying faithful to their own distinct mark, the aggressive music and gloomy sounds reach high levels and forget about the classic North European Black Metal, MartYriuM sound is more oriented to orchestral elements and "Lamia Satanica” can teach some lessons to younger groups who want to play something different to usually cliche. The affluent choruses have a stronger influence and constant in the whole work giving adding interest to the spooky atmospheres created by the musical compositions. With new singer Sandra Misanthorpe on vocals, MartYriuM have opened up new paths to their own style.
As said before, the theatrical  atmospheres which are found in most of the tracks, are alienated in the “End of my Realm” ,  “A Stain on Hera’s Throne” more closest to modern sound and “Order of the Fly” that meets electronic touches. “Curse of Salvation” and “Order of the Fly”  have good medieval melodies while the opening track "Sacred Book Of Baal” shows how song the vocalism of Sandra is. "Venom Divine” has such brilliant sharpening guitars and god rhythm section with the good Sandmist’s bass lines and Vulcanus on drums. The keyboards of Umarth are never in excess but they are balanced in the structure of songs without ever overdoing it, just the perfect musical balance. And in this  sinister album "Lamia Satanica”, are the Count Mortem and Sherath’s guitars to lead lead the honor of sharp and brutal riffs. MartYriuM combo is back with its symphonic black metal  with a delighting style.

Valeria Campagnale

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