Warrior Path – The Mad King 

Review to Warrior Path – The Mad King 

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Warrior Path – The Mad King 

21 March 2021

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Band: Warrior Path
Title: The Mad King
Genre: Epic/Heavy Power Metal 
Label: Symmetric Records
Date of Release: 5 March 2021


1. It Has Begun
2. The Mad King
3. His Wrath Will Fall
4. Beast Of Hate
5. Don't Fear The Unknown
6. Savage Tribe
7. Avenger
8. Out From The Shadows
9. Neverending Fight
10. Last Tale

Daniel Heiman - Vocals
Andreas Sinanoglou - Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
Bob Katsionis - Lead Guitars, Bass & Keyboards
Dave Rundle - Drums

Formed in Athens, Warrior Path released the self-titled debut in 2019. thanks to guitarist Andreas, among other things, this debut is the result of Sinanoglou who composed the songs at 18 years old and then reworked them with Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind) on bass, guitar and keyboards and to whom we owe also the production, while the drums joined Dave Rundle. In the first album we also find Yannis Papadopoulos (Beast In Black) on vocals. This is briefly the history of   Warrior Path. Now the band is back with their new album The Mad King, released for  Symmetric Records on March 2021, with Daniel Heiman on vocals and 10 stunning pieces.
The Mad King is a classic Power Metal album with varied and excellent sharp riffs and at times Maiden style echoes for the galloping riffing. The often gloomy orchestration makes the atmosphere exactly as one would expect from a work of this magnitude.  The keyboards are also always balanced, never intrusive.  
Strictly incessant start with the majestic It Has Begun which introduces us to the epic world of the band and leads us to the titletrack The Mad King with its with its melodic and powerful levels, in which the vocals are brilliant, as in the rest of the album and there is no lack of roaring guitar solos, a song that takes us back in time, in the medieval courts ta minstrels and knights.
More epic and battle-hardened is the following  His Wrath Will Fall, very gritty and powerful, beautiful high notes and rhythmics give life to a combative track, giving a clear vision to the listener's imagination. Another powerful track is Beast Of Hate that has a prouder taste, perhaps the most classic cut of the Swedish Power Epic and interesting piece that shows the talent of Warrior Path, as for the composition as for the music skills. The theatrical Don't Fear The Unknown is very impressive, in this piece the band shows a darker side compared to the previous tracks while not abandoning the imperious style, on the contrary, it accentuates it. Savage Tribe is a track that manages to offer a constant variability of aspects, going from rides to melodies through to real energetic outbursts, in my opinion one of the most important pieces because of this quality that Warrior Path should be proud of. Beautiful also Avenger, with its atmospheric beginning that flows into a granitic but melodious song in which the bass becomes the backbone, another arrow to the bow for the band for an atmosphere that captures. Out From The Shadows it’s a heavy piece with obviously epic echos, another god track made of harmony, brilliant guitar and great vocals.
The stunning Neverending Fight has a guitar intro that catapults us into the soul of the piece, the powerful soul of the band. Beautiful piece that can boast both sharp and aggressive riffs and melodic, with the variation of mood for the entire duration, excellent rhythm section.
Last Tale, in the true literally sense as it is the tacia that closes the album, Has a triumphant feel to it, and as a closure it fits perfectly. There's also no shortage of aggressive guitar rants or even the melodic streak that sets the genre apart anyway. It's an unrelenting piece in its power, a great track that encapsulates the whole being of The Mad King.
A great record with excellent musical structures and a band that manages to contradistinguish itself in the ocean of epic metal proposals.

Valeria Campagnale