Helsinki-based electronic alternative metal band Khroma released new single

6/23/20211 min read

"Tread Light", the third single from Khroma's forthcoming third album “Ex Nihilo”, sends the listener to the core of the band’s renewed yet recognizable sound. With super-low-tuned groove patterns, drum’n’bass beats, and introverted yet forceful rhymes, "Tread Light" sees the Helsinki-based Khroma once again reinvent their self-proclaimed electronic alternative metal sound.

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”Tread Light” is about the futility of free will as we approach the end of our existence, when our physical and digital realities finally converge and cause artificial lifeforms to invade and take over the organic realm. This acts as a clear analogy to Khroma’s wall of sound, in which the analog and the digital collide violently — tearing down old patterns, creating new collages, and constantly moving to new directions.


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