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Band: Melodius Deite
Title: Elysium
Label: Art Gates Records
Release date: 23 November 2020
Genre: Progressive - Power Metal


1. Destructive Chaos
2. Love or Lust
3. Gluttonous Being
4. Covetousness
5. Acts of Failure
6. Wrath of the Zealots
7. Malicious Envy
8. Vainglorious Pride
9. Neo Utopia
10. Novelist (new version)
11. Various Seasons (bonus track)

Line up:
Yama-B: Voice
Biggie Phanrath: Guitar
Chanin Shinken: Bass
Diego Zapatero: Keyboards
Saton Tinnaluk: Drums

Melodius Deite, Progressive - Power Metal band from Thailand, proposes the album “Elysium“ containing 11 tracks of which a new version of "Novelist" the bonus track “Various Seasons”. I wasn't familiar with this musical reality, so it makes me bitter to listen to something that for me is unanimous, especially because the band doesn't fit the classic European and American metal canons.
The release of this newest album sees only the original guitarist/keyboardist Biggie P. Phanrath who assembled a new lineup. In general the sound material is overloaded as thistle  includes atmosphere, extreme and djent. Still this’s a particular album, intricate in the time changes and with a very excellent guitar technique, as good is Yama-B ’s voice, versatility in his clean and growl vocals.
Noticeable are the harmony combinations of guitars and keyboards between progressive and neoclassical in Malmsteen’s style.
I’ve really appreciated “Wrath of the Zealots” with its sound between power and symphonic and very powerful melodies thanks to the vocalism of Yama – B.
Very fascinating is “Vainglorious Pride” with a brilliant play between guitar and keyboard, power groove with light speed weaves.
“Covetousness” with its darners atmosphere and the semi-growls interpretation. In short, between virtuosity, technique and skill, this band manages to make a name for itself also for its flair and, after all, Art Gates Records has been releasing excellent albums lately, proof of this certainly particular band.

Valeria Campagnale

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