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Band: Sacrilege
Title: The Court Of The Insane
Genre: Hard Rock- Heavy Metal
Label: Pure Steel Records
Release Date:  2Nd August 2019

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1. Celestial City
2. Lies
3. The Court Of The Insane 4. Bring Out Your Dead
5. Depression 6. No Bequeath
7. The Prophet
8. Unhinged Mind 9. I Can Hear The Silence
10. Ride Free 

Bill Beadle - vocals, rhythm guitars, keyboard
Jeff Rolland - bass
Neil “The Devil Himself” Turnbull - drums

It's a good time for the return of important groups that were part of my adolescence, names that I have always followed with affection, are not an exception the British Sacrilege, labeled bizarrely as band part of the NWOBHM scene but that in reality have always been a separate group, free from labels and classifications and, as I always say, the beauty of groups, musicians, who do not fall into any particular category, have their own charm, free from classical musical ties.
Sacrilege is back with their 3rd album with  Pure Steel Records returning in 2012 after a break of 25 years.
“The Court Of The Insane” is the bands 7th studio album since they were formed in 1982 by singer, songwriter and guitarist Bill Beadle.
The distinctive Sacrilege’ style have shown on this album a typically British touch, a heavy hard rock with gloomy atmosphere which manages to make "The Court Of The Insane" particular and fascinating with a robust, powerful and substantially exquisite sound.
Just listen to the opener "Celestial City", you realize that with a very dark atmosphere and powerful guitars, how interesting this new work of the band can be, a return on the music scene that promises well between the structures of the pieces and the undeniable musical mastery of each member. Yes, because in addition to the high-sounding guitars, there is a fantastic drumming with which Neil Turnbull wraps us in rhythm between the obsessiveness and the perfect cadence of the tempo. Excellent start that already gives the idea of the continuation of this album that in my personal opinion, is a return in style. This piece is one of my favorite of this album just for its peculiarity mixed with a deep dark sound and a very heavy sound.
With "Lies", of which the video was made, we find a piece that releases again hard'n'heavy sounds with a touch always decadent, in a poetic and/or literary sense, certainly not because of the failure of style. A powerful song with dark nuances that could remind Black Sabbath but in a different and very personal version, in short, a song that has all the credentials to show that Sacrilege are in full form, both from a musical and technical point of view, ready to surprise us again.
The title track “The Court Of The Insane” is particular, it's a beautiful mix of metal and hard rock with streaks that remind me of the very first Sisters Of Mercy and with Bill's voice that, in turn, reminds me of Andrew Eldritch in his dark and dramatic singing, because Bill Beadle is a versatile singer, as well as a complete and chameleonic artist and there are few singers who have this peculiarity and that are among the artists I love most.
With "Bring Out Your Dead" Sacrilege give us a song again intense and exciting, in which the bass lines of Jeff Rolland are very clear always accompanied by a powerful drums, managing to create a decisive sound for the piece, all combined with a deep voice and always versatile.
Here's the other track I absolutely love on this album, "Depression", with a very high emotional charge, a deep dark track that manages to stand out for its hypnotic structure and a typically British musicality.
Well articulated, with a solid structure in which Mr.Beadle confirms himself as the classy author, the real one, of another intense song that manages to capture the soul.
With "No Bequeath" Sacrilege continue on a dark but more airy wave, at least in the intro to then become again a dark song and enriched with metal sounds, chameleonic vocal timbre, a rhythm always obsessive and engaging, excellent both the guitars and the brilliant rhythm section that insistently takes us into a passionate vortex.
"The Prophet" is more of a delicate piece in the first few minutes, which confirms how multifaceted this band can be, passing with ease from softer to more biting sounds, a song that could, very vaguely, remember the early HIM, with an infusion of Black Sabbath creating a magnetic sound, another good piece that makes us understand that Sacrilege are back in great shape and ready to thrill their fans.
In "Unhinged Mind" the atmosphere has the taste of that typically metal atmosphere but with different nuances that caress a style almost eighties and an enigmatic air that brings with it an impenetrable and mysterious veil, even in this song, the band manages to bewitch with its artistic value, between thunderous guitars and a  toning rhythmic section.
"I Can Hear The Silence", here's the other song that fascinates me the most, dark and smoky tones and that despite this is a piece of exceptional vigor, brilliant in its drumming and a song so deep that magically manages to carry in a spiral of exciting sound, vivid song and no means, very dense that the band can bring to play.
Once the engines are running, "Ride Free" has the honor of closing "The Court Of The Insane", and it does so again in an engaging way and with an energetic metal mood.
This is also a great track, where the structure is very solid and compact, with great riffs, solos and once again Neil Turnbull is perfectly up to the task, without ever losing his stinging touch.
It goes without saying that "The Court Of The Insane" is an interesting album, both for the musicality in itself, both for the return of a band that after a long break comes back with the same determination and vitality that has always distinguished them and with Bill Beadle who signs an exceptional work, keeping up with the current proposals.

Valeria Campagnale

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